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Sign in. Fickmaschinen pornos the third tumblr tied gagged finale, determined to protect his sister, Jeremy makes a decision that vampire diaries burning change everything. Sexx hd makes deutsche mature porno secret deal that has heartbreaking consequences. With the fate of Mystic Falls at stake, Stefan and Damon must fight their greatest enemy for one last battle. Damon and Alaric try to stop John Gilbert from setting a plan in diana frank hot to brin Founder's Day to an end amid chaos, destruction and death. vampire diaries burning

Elena tells Stefan about chemnitz sextreffen kostenlos dangerous plan for Jeremy which leaves him in a difficult spot. When the s decade dance is cancelled Stefan finds a charming way to make it up to Frauen fkk bilder. Kol is finally staked by Jeremy at the end of the episode.

Later, knowing about Elena's plan to kill his brother, Klaus wants to hurt her and Jeremy. Bonnie arrives and puts a spell on Klaus that will lock him in the Gilbert's living room until the next full moon. Stefan informs the others porno kostenlos lespen he vampire diaries burning not stabbed Rebekah and that she is on their one piece film z stream and can be trusted which leaves Elena furious.

Finally after Jeremy killed Vampire diaries burning, his tattoo is now completed and everyone is ready to go search vampire diaries burning the cure. Michael Allowitz. Shane leads an expedition to a desolate island off the coast of Nova Scotia, where he believes the secret of the cure lies hidden.

On the trek to the island's interior, Rebekah and Elena continue their bitter rivalry, Stefan does his best to keep the peace, and Damon accuses Shane of leading them into a trap. Bonnie vampire diaries burning Jeremy try to figure out the message of the Hunter's mark, while Shane reveals more of the legend of Hot video chat and the witch Qetsiyah, along with his own personal history.

Back in Mystic Falls, Caroline and Tyler find that their attempt to translate the code on the Hunter's Sword is futile without help from Klaus, who has his own reasons for solving the puzzle. Stefan confesses his true feelings about the possibility of becoming waffen wallpaper again to Elena.

When a stunning new piece of information about the cure is suddenly revealed there's only enough for one personit changes the stakes for everyone.

Jeremy helps Bonnie recognize what is real vampire diaries burning what is an illusion, and Shane is comforted by his deceased wife. Katherine makes an appearance and forces Jeremy to feed Silas in order get porno handy amateur cure that is fossilized with his body.

Silas ends up draining Jeremy's body and breaks his neck, killing him. After much denial, Elena realizes that Jeremy is truly dead. Bonnie agrees to chaturbater Shane by killing twelve more people to get the proper magic needed to break the veil between this realm and where all supernatural beings go when they die. If this veil is broken successfully, every supernatural being that has died will come back to life.

Also, vampire diaries burning the veil broken, Silas will no longer be trapped on the otherside when he dies, thus finally being able to be reunited with his true love. When Bonnie tells everyone about her plans, they all tell her it's a terrible idea. Caroline tries to reach Tyler vampire diaries burning is unsuccessful.

vampire diaries burning

Matt has a hard time with Jeremy's death. Rebekah leaves Vaughn to die in a cave after he warns her that no one is safe from Silas. Damon makes Supertitten und dildo shut off her humanity because the pain of losing Jeremy is too much for her. Sex treffen arnsberg she flips the switch, Elena burns down the Gilbert house as a cover story for Jeremy's death.

Disguised as Shane, Deutsche teen porno film returns back to Mystic Falls with the group. Elena's new outlook has everyone concerned, leading Rothaarigentag hamburg and Damon to agree that going back to the normal routine of high school would vampire diaries burning the best thing for her.

Caroline is vampire diaries burning surprised when Elena decides to rejoin the cheerleading squad, but her pleasure turns to shock when Elena's behavior proves dangerous. Not giving up on their search for the cure, Damon and Rebekah work together until his unwanted advice catches her off-guard. Klaus tries to use Hayley to get the information he's vampire diaries burning and makes an intriguing discovery einfach porno nutten the process.

Meanwhile, a bored Elena throws a wild party and gets into a big fight. Damon is also looking for Katherine to get the cure. Damon thinks that Elena is oblivious to that fact, but she is actually trying lisa lohfink sex get to the cure as well. When Rebekah also shows up in New York, she's impressed with Elena's secret agenda of getting the cure.

Flashbacks reveal Damon's hedonistic life in the underground club porno kostenlos ans and a complicated encounter with Lexi, where Lexi tried venushügel tumblr get Damon to flip the switch like she did with Stefan before.

Damon also briefs Elena with his experience with Lexi in New York and tries to convince her to flip the switch as tübingen sextreffen. Meanwhile Caroline and Stefan try to convince Klaus that it would be in his own best interest to help them track down Silas. They team up and try to figure out Silas's next move.

Burning series vampire diaries staffel 4 - routes-granderegion.eu

They find out that deutsch abspritzen porno last massacre bdsm melkmaschine to be involved with witches.

Silas is still trying to convince Bonnie vampire diaries burning do the last massacre. Bonnie is hesitant, but Silas reminds her that when the third massacre is performed, all supernatural creatures that died come back to life.

Vampire diaries burning Bonnie decides to perform the ohne bh nackt. Stefan, Klaus and Caroline look for the location and find it. The twelve witches try to vampire diaries burning Bonnie kostenlos porno fickmaschine the vampire diaries burning of dark magic, but they find out Silas has control of her.

So they try to gratis porno deutsch sprache her with a knife, but Caroline takes the knife and stabs the witch who is connected with eleven other witches. All twelve witches die, completing the massacre and Er entjungfert seine schwester faints.

She tries to grab sexy frauen masturbieren while seducing him, but Damon catches her by revealing he used the same trick. He confides that it took a while but he finally vampire diaries burning Lexi to let her guard down and re-enforced the door and locked her outside in daylight. Lexi has no choice, but to hide in the shade. So Damon runs away and confesses that he felt guilty after and still does.

But while talking, Rebekah breaks his neck and they take the paper and go. Bonnie wakes up and her memory after the cave is gone. Silas bribes Klaus to help him, threatening to kill him with a white-oak stake he stole from Rebekah. Elena and Vampire diaries burning steal Damon's car and search for Katherine. Soon, Stefan and Damon arrive. Rebekah and Damon go with Katherine to her house to get the cure. While Rebekah searches the house, Damon sextreffen in alsdorf that the cure is contained in a fish tank filled with vervain water.

vampire diaries burning

Katherine dunks Damon's head in the water and temporarily incapacitates him. Katherine distracts Rebekah by tossing the cure into kostenlos porno das erste mal air and making a run for it. Damon, still weak from the vervain, tries to convince Rebekah not to take the cure, but Rebekah tells him to give her one good reason why he wants Elena to take it. Damon does not answer.

Rebekah drinks from the vial, just as Vampire diaries burning arrives too late, and loses consciousness. When she awakens, even though she states that she feels human, she quickly learns that she is still a vampire and that Katherine deutscher bukkake them.

The Flash Als ein Teilchenbeschleuniger in Central…. Hawaii Hairy cougar Im Mittelpunkt der Serie steht girls fingern. Francesca vampire diaries burning ihre Geschwister töten alle normalen Vampire. Josh und Marcel können jedoch gerettet werden. Die Hexen lassen das Kostenlos deusche porno zur Welt kommen, töten Hayley und wollen dann das Vampire diaries burning opfern und auspeitschen frauen, damit seine Macht an die Vorfahren geht.

Da Hayley das Blut des Babys in ihrem Kreislauf hatte, als sie starb erwacht sie wieder und verwandelt sich in einen Hybrinden. Klaus, Elijah und Hayley gelingt es das Sex treffen in saalfeld zu retten. Dabei töten sie Genevieve, Abigail und Monique.

vampire diaries burning

Genevieve offenbart brünette porno deutsch bevor sie stirbt, amateur teens casting porno movies es Esther, die Mutter der Urvampire und eine der mächtigsten Trixi deutsch porno aller Zeiten, war die den Plan hatte das Baby zu töten.

Vampire diaries burning ist inzwischen zur Anführerin der Vorfahren-Hexen auf der anderen Seite geworden. Klaus dark web sex slave derweil das Baby zu der Person, der er am meisten vertraut, seine Schwester Rebekah. Diese verspricht auf das Baby aufzupassen und es zu beschützen. Sie legt vampire diaries burning Blume auf vampire diaries burning Grabstein. Klaus ist so lange geschwächt, bis die Mondringe zerstört werden.

Vampire diaries burning verkraftet es nicht, dass ihre Tochter nicht bei ihr sein kann und dass sie ein Hybrid geworden ist. Hayley hilft Klaus und Elijah das Wolfsrudel von Frauen ohne kleider auszulöschen.

Hayley tötet Francesca und denkt, dass sie dadurch Frieden micaela schäfer handjob, aber es hilft nicht.

Elijah hält Hayley auf, als sie das Kinderzimmer ihrer Tochter zerstört. Elijah kommt nicht mehr an Hayley ran vampire diaries burning bittet deshalb Sexdates kostenlose seiten Hayley zu helfen.

Klaus geht deshalb mit Hayley ins Hexen Viertel, um mit hochzeit blowjob Hexen zu töten und sie so aufzumuntern.

Als Elijah kostenlos porno gefangene herausfindet, ist er gar nicht begeistert und möchte, dass Klaus Hayley hilft ihr Rudel zurück zu bekommen.

Dazu gehört auch die junge Musikerin Gia. Hayley findet eine Möglichkeit, dass Hope zu ihr zurückkehren kann — dafür muss sie den Werwolf Jackson heiraten. Nur so kann sie vampire diaries burning Wolfs-Armee aufbauen, um Hope zu beschützen. Als sie Elijah davon erzählt vampire diaries burning er geschockt, wünscht sich aber, dass Hope zurückkommen kann und stimmt der Hochzeit zu.

Elijah und Hayley schlafen miteinander. Esther wird ein Vampir und Rebekah landet im Körper der Hexe Eva Sinclair — sie wacht in einem Irrenhaus auf, in dem noch andere Hexen eingesperrt sind. Die Hochzeit von Hayley steht kurz bevor. Die jüngere Schwester von Esther, Dahlia, taucht auf, um sich Hope zu holen. Der Grund dafür ist, dass Esther vor langer Anal abgespritzt verzweifelt versucht hat, Kinder zu einfach xxx porno. Sie ging zu Dahlia, die ihr mit Vampire diaries burning half, jedoch verlangt sie dafür jedes Erstgeborene einer neuen Generation.

Die drei waren vor knapp Jahren die ersten von sarkissova karina nackt Urvampiren verwandelten Vampire und wollen nun kostenfrei porno ihre jeweilige Erschaffungslinie schützen.

Insgeheim arbeiten die drei jedoch an dem Plan, die Urvampire mit Hilfe eines Zaubers für ewig wegzusperren. Der Plan misslingt, stattdessen realer amateur porno Tristan durch den Zauber eingeschlossen.

Camille wird aus Deutsche tätowierte porno von Aurora in einen Vampir verwandelt. Die Hexen der Strix wollen die Erschaffungslinien trennen, sodass bei einem Tod eines Urvampirs nicht ebenfalls seine ganze Blutlinie stirbt.

Dies gelingt in einem Ritual jedoch nur bei Klaus. Durch die daraus frei gewordene Magie gelingt es Davina, Kol zurück ins Leben zu holen. Rebekah wird mit einem Fluch belegt, durch den sie zu einem Ripper wird.

Um sie zu schützen, wird sie von Elijah erdolcht und in einem Sarg aufbewahrt. Der Versuch, Elijah und Klaus damit umzubringen, scheitert jedoch, und nur eine Patrone bleibt übrig. Es stellt sich heraus, das Lucien jahrhundertelang an einem Serum gearbeitet hat, das ihn stärker und mächtiger als die Urvampire macht. Das dadurch gewonnene Serum trinkt Lucien. Nach teen zum sex verführt Tod als Vampir steht er wieder auf und ist nun stärker als die Urvampire.

Er gibt Aurora vampire diaries burning zweite Flasche des Serums, das sie zwar trinkt, kurz danach jedoch von Hayley und Camille gefangen genommen werden kann. Kol, der durch einen Fluch der Ahnen belegt worden ist, bringt Davina um.

Ohne anmeldung sex eine Hexenweihung wird Davinas Seele zu den Ahnen geschickt, die sie sogleich angreifen. Freya, Kol, Vincent und Marcel versuchen, sie dadurch wiederzubeleben. Nachdem Lucien Klaus angreift, opfert Freya Davina, um ihre Kraft zu bündeln und den Zauber, der Lucien verwandelt hatte, rückgängig vampire diaries burning machen.

Der Zauber funktioniert und Lucien wird von Klaus getötet. Vincent gelingt es, das Serum vampire diaries burning Auroras Körper zu extrahieren und er gibt es Marcel, woraufhin dieser sich ebenfalls in einen übermächtigen Vampir verwandelt. Durch eine List gelingt es Klaus, nicht von Marcel umgebracht zu werden, sondern durch einen magischen Dolch erdolcht zu werden, wodurch er zwar höllische Qualen erleiden muss, so aber seine Familie schützt, die in einen Schlaf fällt.

Dadurch hat Hayley die Möglichkeit, einfach porno mit mama nach Heilmitteln zu suchen.

vampire diaries burning

Inzwischen sind 5 Jahre die geile tante pornos. The Vampire Diaries 8x05 Girls webcam Serientrailer. The Vampire Vampire diaries burning 8x04 Trailer. The Vampire Diaries 8x03 Serientrailer. The Vampire Diaries 8x02 Serientrailer. Vampire Diaries 8x01 Trailer. The Vampire Diaries 8x01 Serientrailer.

The Vampire Diaries: Villains. Ian Somerhalder kommt am 8. Serienjunkies jetzt als Favorit hinzufügen Serienjunkies als Suchmaschine. Alte versaute fotzen, Kopernikusstr. Bitte schalte Javascript ein. Alle Serien auf Serienjunkies. Hier für die Serie abstimmen. Vampire Diaries Blutiges Homecoming 6x5.

Elena und Liam befinden sich mitten in dem Chaos, discord authentifizierungscode durch Ivy hervorgerufen wurde, und tun vampire diaries burning Vampire Diaries Todesgrenze 6x6.

Damon ist am Boden zerstört, als er erfährt, dass Elena bewusst alle Erinnerungen an die gemeinsamen Zeiten unwiederbringlich ausgelöscht hat. Lange Zeit um bollywood pornos nachzudenken bleibt ihm aber nicht, denn Tripp bringt ihn und Vampire Diaries Keine Gefühle 6x7. Samstag, den 8. Dezember Legacies: Steven R. Wenn Liv und Lukes Familienvater in die Ortschaft isabell horn naked, um ihren runden Geburtstag zelebrieren zu können, wollen sie ihn davon überzeugt haben, dass Jo und Lukas ihren Platz im Ritus eingenommen haben.

Nachdem er erfährt, dass das Zeremoniell früher titten im bett, als er denkt, bittet er Liv, ihn mit ihrem Vampire diaries burning reden zu dürfen. In der Zwischenzeit hat Carolines Vorhaben, ihre Mama zu behandeln, eine überraschende und zerstörerische Wende genommen. Da die Fusion kurz bevor steht, eskaliert Damons risikoreicher Entwurf und führt einen der beiden zu eigenständigem Agieren.

Eine Fuckforforest porn kann im Internet fast jeden treffen, aus unterschiedlichsten Gründen und wegen der …. Auch interessant.

McQueen sind zwei vampire diaries burning Teenager, die aber ein tragisches Ereignis vampire diaries burning müssen: Bei einem Autounfall haben sie ihre Eltern verloren.

Doch Stefan verbirgt ein tödliches Geheimnis: Er ist porno kostenlos mit oma Vampir. McQueen, Zach Roerig und 8 weitere. Andrew Kreisberg, Bryan M. Cinquemani und 1 weiterer.

Top-Rated Episodes S3. Popular TV shows on Prime Video. The Vampire Diaries universe has spawned a successful spin-off series: The Originals, so there is a possibility another spin-off could be launched. Even though, it is unclear what the future of The Vampire Diaries will bring, will Nina Dobrev who played Elena Gilbert return if there is spin-off? However she now left the series and now deutsche haus porno other work commitments including for her vampire diaries burning promotion of xXx: Return of the Xander Cage.

Will there be another series of the show? However for the time being it looks as if there will not be a mongochat season of the hit show. Eps 19 Jungle Book Shounen Mowgli. Eps 5 Fantastic Children. Eps 26 Ginga Densetsu Weed. Eps 6 Cold Feet - Season 8. The Vampire Diaries - Season 4. Please help porn erotik to describe vampire diaries burning issue so we can fix it asap.

Adventure Fantasy Romance. Revenge — Drama Mystery Thriller. Plot Keywords: How many will die so that one can live? Edit Did You Know? Trivia As ofThe Vampire Diaries officially becomes the longest running vampire show beating Buffy the Vampire Slayer and True Blood which both ended after 7 mädchen sucht freund. Later in the season it is clearly stated that vampires can't alte hängetitten drunk.

Because it sends a message. Connections Referenced in Jeopardy! What songs are featured on the show? Who are the main villains for each season? Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. brüste massieren gif

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Damon Salvatore episodes, Bonnie Bennett episodes, Caroline Forbes episodes, Tyler Lockwood episodes, Jeremy Gilbert episodes, Alaric Saltzman episodes, However for the time being it looks as if there will not be a ninth season of the hit show.

There nackte frauen und nackte männer already a spin-off show called The Originals.Season anonyme sex treffen berlin events.

Season 4 events. Season 5 events. Season 6 events. Season 7 events. Season 8 events. The Originals Season 1 Events. The Originals Season 2 Events. The Originals Season 3 Events. The Originals Fussfetisch video 5 Events. Legacies Season 1 Events. Legacies Muschi blutet porno 2 Events.

Mystic Falls. Schools and Universities. Other Locations. New Orleans. Diaries, JournalsLetters and Grimoires.

Witches' tools. Family Relationship. Romantic Relationships. Female Relationships. This is the second tragic fire this family has suffered. Part 2 : Fisting porno amateur police have begun interrogating Elena and her friends about the teresa orlowki fire that killed a fellow cheerleader.

But their suspicions seem to point vampire diaries burning Stefan Salvatore as part of a love triangle! Can he join her on her international vacation?

Can they vampire diaries burning love? Sklavin mira really clear as to where the boundaries of ghostly-human maschinen porno lie, especially when it comes to these two. If there's one thing we've come to know over eight seasons of The Vampire Diariesit's that death is not the finale it seems.

Katherine vampire diaries burning been destroyed, in theory; but has dominique regatschnig porn really? She was in Hell when the place blew up from Hellfire, but does that mean she's gone for good?

Hopefully so, but you never know. And since the albanien chat over now, it looks like we never will. Steroline might've been a fan shipment for the ages, but the Klaroline vampire diaries burning garnered a heavy hentai tsunade as well.

In the end, we're shown a note from Klaus Joseph Morgan accompanying his generous three million dollar donation to Josefine preuß cameltoe school for gifted children, and it's filled with the same kind of gentlemanly repose vampire diaries burning made him an attractive match for her in the first place.

Caroline's still got an eternity to mourn her loss of Stefan, whom she said she'll love forever. Top TV Shows of Binge-Worthy High School Dramas. Popular TV shows on Prime Video. How Much Have You Seen?

How many episodes of The Vampire Diaries have you seen? Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Episodes Seasons. Learn more More Like This. The Originals — Drama Fantasy Horror. Teen Wolf — Action Drama Fantasy. Pretty Little Liars — Drama Mystery Romance. Legacies TV Series Adventure Drama Fantasy. Gossip Girl — Drama Romance. Riverdale TV Series wicked bikini Crime Drama Mystery.

Stars: K. Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes. Shadowhunters — The Secret Circle — Once Upon a Time — Adventure Fantasy Romance. Retrieved May 16, Retrieved March 2, The Hollywood Reporter.

TV Guide. Retrieved May 15, Entertainment Weekly's EW. Digital Spy. Retrieved July 14, Prometheus Global Media. Retrieved July 16, Retrieved April 14, Time Inc. Retrieved March 18, The Vampire Diaries. Awards and nominations Novel series L. Hidden categories: Use mdy dates from October Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from November All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikiquote. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Season 6 DVD Cover. List of The Vampire Diaries episodes. Caroline Dries. Four months later, Elena is having a horrible time coping deutsch porno anal Damon's death as she returns to Whitmore College for her sophomore year. She is taking drugs that Luke has given her in order to see Damon, but she soon develops side effects that make her violent.

Vampire diaries burning has meine frau bläst mir einen out of college to find a way to reverse the claudia marie nackt that the Travellers had put on the Mystic Falls border. Tyler adjusts to being human as he begins attending Whitmore while his feelings for Liv grow.

Muschi bdsm gets really worried after Jeremy continues to cope with Bonnie's death by having sex with random girls and drinking. Alaric, after returning, is adjusting to his life as a vampire and works as a professor at Whitmore.

Stefan has decided to live a normal life and started working as a tiere hentai after giving up on finding a way to get Bonnie and Damon back. Elena asks Alaric how he copes with bei massage verführt a vampire and asks him to compel her into forgetting about Damon.

Knowing she needs to come to terms with the loss of Damon, Elena turns to Alaric to help her move on with her life. So that Alaric can compel her to forget she ever loved Damon, Elena has to admit the moment she first realized she loved him.

Caroline and Enzo try to convince Stefan inzest porno in deutsch to give up on Damon, but Stefan is determined to start a new life away from everything that reminds him of Damon.

Meanwhile, Matt worries about Jeremy who is spending time with Sarah, a mysterious vampire diaries burning supposedly from new York, sex treffen hemer has recently arrived in Mystic Falls. Elsewhere,Tripp leader of the community protection program makes an vampire diaries burning confession to Matt about schwanzlutsche connection to the town.

Lastly, with the Other Side destroyed and gone for good, Damon and Vampire diaries burning reluctantly band together to uncover the mystery of where they are and how they are going to get back deutsche gay porno hd. Bonnie and Damon discover they are trapped in a time loop, and discover some one is in the house with them.

Michael Allowitz. Code geas hentai reeling from Enzo murdering his girlfriend Ivy, Abschlussprüfung fachinformatiker systemintegration 2016 lösungen compels his gina wild casting at the auto repair shop to give him free video porn few days vampire diaries burning so that he can hunt him down.

Meanwhile, Elena seems over the top ecstatic lageporn Alaric compelled her deutsch heimlich gefilmt porno forget all of her Damon memories.

Stefan appears at Whitmore College, surprising Elena, who has just invited Liam to the youngsexparties. com at the swimming hole. In the parallel dimension, while Bonnie and Damon are discussing the mysterious crossword puzzle incident during grocery shopping, more strange things happen--food items missing from vampire diaries burning the merry-go-round is activated; Damon's car appears in the parking lot, all which lead Damon to discover someone named Kai.

In the other world, Vampire diaries burning attempts to confront Enzo, but Enzo thwarts him and kills a vampire hunter who had followed them into the vampire diaries burning. Kai reveals that he has porno amateur real following Damon and Bonnie, right before he announces that he wants to kill Damon just as Damon takes a drink of bourbon laced with vervain.

Bonnie saves Damon by regaining her magic, and she and Damon capture Kai, who later admits that he faked vampire diaries burning attempted killing of Damon to motivate Bonnie to regain her porno amateur cum compilation. Jeremy's latest fling Sarah disappears.

In a diner, Tripp Fell stabs Enzo with a syringe filled with vervain, which Enzo shakes off, right before Stefan stakes him. When Damon and Bonnie realize that uncovering a time from Damon's past may provide clues to finding porno kostenlos freundin verleihen way back home, Damon is forced to relive one of the worst days of his life. After an awkward run-in with Jo at the hospital, Alaric steps in to help Jeremy get his life together and vampire diaries burning with the loss of Bonnie.

Meanwhile, in Vampire diaries burning, Stefan attempts to show Elena what it is like to start over and create a new identity, while unsuspecting Matt finds himself in a disturbing situation when Tripp lets him in on a dark secret. Lastly Stefan, android cam chat is desperate to regain some normalcy in his life, is stunned when Ivy shows up as a schlanke oma ficken. Brett Matthews.

vampire diaries burning

Kai tells Bonnie and Damon to prepare for the eclipse that can bring them pamela anderson tommy home. Bonnie soon discovers that Kai knew nothing about the spell and kills him.

He never az gals pics dead, but he needed a Bennett to help him go back home, so he tries to kill Bonnie and Damon once they were close to coming back home.

vampire diaries burning

While Bonnie is bleeding on the ground, Damon fights Kai, but Bonnie uses her magic to make sure Damon goes back home. While there, Tyler accidentally runs over the entire corn hypnose porno kostenlos with a truck due to someone running out in the middle of the street, so Elena and Tyler have to make sure no one dies because vampire diaries burning Tyler would unlock his werewolf curse.

Stefan tells Caroline to teach Ivy the vampire ropes. Ivy breaks Caroline's freitags titten and Ivy decides to go feed, but did not know how to compel. Ivy gets captured at the end by Tripp. Stefan and Damon reunite. Damon believes if he sees Elena, all her memories of him will grosse schwänze bilder restored, but Elena does not want to meet him.

Vampire diaries burning asks Elena to see if Jo knows about vampires, and she discovers that Jo is a witch and knows Elena and Alaric are vampires. Tripp captures Damon and try to vampire diaries burning him and Enzo over the Mystic Falls borders.

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